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Controlling Fatigued Driving Is Easy To Do

The problem with fatigued driving is that it is practically the same as driving while drunk. Your senses will be limited and impaired to the point where you are unable to actually get anything done while behind the wheel. This can be a real threat but it does not have to be a burden if you understand what you have to do to stay alert.

Naturally, you will have to get plenty of sleep if you want to avoid fatigue when driving. There are many good ideas that you can consider in order to get the sleep you need even if you are really trying to get somewhere.

Control Your Travel Habits

You should not drive for any longer than what you can afford. Do not drive for more than eight hours in a day if you want to stay safe. If you drive for far too long then you will be at risk of hurting yourself by wearing your eyes out. All that effort behind the wheel will cause your eyes to wear out, thus making it harder for you to actually do anything behind the wheel.

Take Breaks On Occasion

It’s always smart to take breaks every two hours when driving. There are many rest stops on the highways that can facilitate a good break. You can also find some nice park spaces around different towns that you might drive by. Stopping at such a place will help you to relax for a bit so you will avoid fatigue. It also gives you a chance to enjoy the scenery of wherever it is you are traveling in.

Share the Driving

If you are in a situation where you are with another person who is able to drive then you should consider sharing the driving. That is, you can ask that other person to drive for a bit while you are on the road. It gives you the opportunity to relax for a bit while in transit.

You still need to show some responsibility when finding someone who can help you out. Be sure the other person is capable of driving and that the new driver is not fatigued.

Avoid Alcohol

Driver fatigue will be accentuated if you consume alcohol. It is a natural depressant that will cause your ability to respond to what’s on the road to weaken. Therefore, you need to avoid alcohol before you try driving. In fact, just one bit of alcohol can contribute to fatigue; don’t even bother with a small bit of a drink if you want to stay safe while on the road.

Consider When You Drive

The last tip to use is to think about when you drive. If you drive during a time in the day when you might typically be sleeping then you could be putting yourself at risk of harm. Keep your normal sleeping habits intact if you want to stay awake while driving.

Remember, driving while fatigued can be extremely dangerous. Using the tips listed here will be the key to helping you stay alert and focused while driving so you will not suffer from serious problems while you are driving.

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What Should You Do When You First Get a Rental Car?

If you’re going to travel by air then you might need to get a rental car when you reach your destination. This is especially if you plan on getting to some place far from the airport or whatever place it is you intend on staying at. A rental car can be very convenient but it may also be radically different from the car you are used to driving yourself.

A rental car may be easier to use if you understand all the ins and outs of whatever you take in. This is a great service that makes getting around a space a little easier to manage; after all, there are no guarantees that you’ll be spending your time in a very concentrated space or that you will have access to some other means of transportation in your destination. Still, you need to understand what you are getting yourself into when you rent a vehicle.

Look At the Quality Of the Car

Whether you are at an airport-based car rental spot or off airport grounds, you need to look at the overall quality of the car when you first pick it up. Does it have a bunch of scratches or dings? Is it making funny noises? Does it look like it’s letting off more emissions than it should?

Talk with your rental provider if you see something amiss with your car. The odds are that provider may let you use a replacement with no added cost.

Look At the Transmission

The transmission controls in your rental vehicle may be radically different from what you may be used to. This is especially if you have a manual-transmission vehicle and you are renting an automatic car. Look at the controls and see if you can identify the gears, the reverse and neutral features on the car.

Check the Dashboard and Controls

The dashboard and controls on the rental car should be checked and tested before you get out on the road. You have to test the following:

  • The turn signals
  • The windshield wiper
  • The lights including high-beams and running lights
  • Air conditioning controls; the seat warmers may also be included in some newer models
  • The radio; many accidents occur as a result of fiddling with the radio so be sure to test it to see how you can use it or to even set a station you want to listen to

Look For the Parking Brake

Make sure you see how the parking brake is designed. Before you leave the rental lot, you have to know how to remove it and place it back so you don’t try moving while the brake is down. Failing to do this could result in some damages to the car.

Check the GPS

Many car rental providers will offer free GPS services. That is, a GPS device will be added in your car. Make sure you set up the GPS system to your destination and that you know how to control it and read it. Be aware that this system may not work in some spots like when you are in an underground tunnel; after all, it is connected to a satellite.

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Anticipating How Drivers Will Move Along Is Key For Driving

When you drive you might notice that different drivers all around the road are going to act in some rather interesting ways. You might see some people who drive normally but you may also run across some who are very erratic. Others may be learning how to drive and some might be in a real rush to get to some spots.

There’s no real way how you can predict what a driver is going to do while on the road. You have to be very defensive and protective of yourself while driving. One thing that you can do when driving is to anticipate the ways how drivers are going to act while on any kind of road.

Look Ahead and Behind

You have to look at your surroundings in all spaces when you are driving. Make sure you look ahead and behind you at all times to get a better idea of what is happening while you drive. Look to see if there are others who are coming on to you really fast. That is, look at how they move in conjunction with the speed limit; it may be easier to anticipate a reckless driver if that person is moving much faster or slower than the speed limit.

Watch Out At Night

You need to anticipate the potential for someone to drive while impaired or fatigued at night. There is always a potential for someone to get out on the road when one should not be doing so. Watch for what drivers do at night and make sure you watch for what others do while you drive. If you see someone who is driving erratically then it is best to get to another lane or street to avoid the risk of being harmed by that person.

Watch For Intersections

Just because you have the green light at an intersection doesn’t mean you are safe. Look at the other directions at the intersection to see if there’s a risk of someone possible trying to move through a light. Also, watch for those who may be making right turns into your lane. Anticipate the potential for someone to try and get into your lane.

Anticipate Those Who Are Lost

Not every person who is driving where you are is used to the place you’re in. For instance, your own neighborhood might have a driver from outside the area that is trying to look for a certain home and is taking its time in doing so. If you ever come across a driver like this then you need to anticipate the potential for such a driver to make sudden movements while trying to find a space.

The streets can be filled with lots of people so it’s important to take a careful look at what you might be getting into when you are driving. Make sure you watch out for who’s on the road so you will have a safer time on the road. If you are careful and controlled then it will be easy for you to protect yourself while on the road no matter where you go.

Can the Glow Of a Tablet Hurt When Driving At Night?

It’s clear that you need plenty of light when you are driving at night. This is especially important because you could become likely to get fatigued while driving if you are not in a spot that’s bright and easy to see in.

However, the glow of a tablet may not be all that useful for your needs. This type of light can come about when someone in the car is playing with a tablet whether it’s in the back seat or the passenger’s seat in your car.

A tablet can really glow thanks to the lighting used in such a device. It will make it easier for anyone to see and do things in the dark. For instance, a person can play with Neopets games in the car while going out to buy Neopoints at the Neopia Shop among other things.

driving at nightAs nice as the light from a tablet might be, it is not going to be all that useful for your driving needs. There are many reasons why this can be problematic:

• The light may not be all that strong. In some cases it might even be closer to one source or positioned at a certain angle to keep it from working for your visibility needs.
• The changes in the colors displayed on a screen can be a hassle too. These changes can distract you as you are driving.
• The light is practically the same as what you’d get out of a computer monitor. That is, it is a light that can cause your eyes to wear out rather quickly because it comes from an artificial source.

The issues that come with the glow of a tablet can be a problem when you’re driving. It can cause you to develop more fatigue. That’s why you need to consider a few tips instead so you’ll have a better look:
• Look for roads that are well-lit and maintained. Major highways tend to have more than enough lights to keep you on the road while showing you where you are going. The same cannot be said for rural roads.
• Make sure you keep the headlights on your car up and running. You don’t need to use your high-beams unless the visibility outside of your car is not all that strong.
• It might be best to get to the side of the road and rest for a good period of time if it’s rather dark. Sometimes a bit of rest may be the key to giving yourself a little more help with getting through the darkest roads out there.

You need to be fully aware of what you are doing when you go outside and drive at night. While at tablet might be interesting in that it will create some light in a car, it is not going to be all that useful. It will not do much when producing light and might even cause your eyes to wear out a little faster than what you might expect.

YouTube Videos On Fatigued Driving Often Show Simulations

Those who are not worried about fatigued driving need to understand that it can really be dangerous to anyone. This is regardless of how experienced one might be on the road.

YouTube videos are often posted by different groups to show just why fatigued driving can be dangerous. These are often posted by law enforcement groups, drunk driving prevention organizations and auto clubs. They are highlighted with the intention of helping people see just why they should not drive while they are fatigued.

Blackout Periods Are Covered

A person could black out when driving while tired. This effect can be simulated by showing just how much distance a person can go while driving after blacking out. In many cases a video can show that a person might drive hundreds of feet before waking up and getting back on the road. This shows that the risk that comes with driving while fatigued may be very serious.

These periods are often comparable with what people will experience if they text while driving or are drunk in the process. These have to be highlighted carefully to give people ideas on what risks can come about when driving in such a situation.

Warning Signs Are Highlighted

The warning signs are often discussed in some videos as well. These include feelings of nodding or pains when trying to blink among other things. Dry eyes may also be explained as they can be risky signs of being fatigued while driving. Full demonstrations of these effects and how they can impact one’s ability to drive are often profiled in many of these YouTube videos.

These are all effects that can be harmful to anyone who is just trying to drive and stay safe. Many groups look for cheap YouTube views in order to get these videos to be visible as cheap YouTube views can help boost its profile. This is essential as preventative videos are often the ones that different groups are going to try and highlight above all else. The goal is to see that certain problems will not be likely to come about while others are out on the road.

What About Sensors?

Many of these groups can showcase the flaws that come with different facial detection features. While the concept of facial detection items in newer cars can be great, thus is far from a perfect feature. It was designed to alert people about when they are fatigued.

However, a good YouTube video can explain to anyone about just how easy it is for such a system to be mislead into seeing something. The details covered in a video like this can really give anyone an idea of just how difficult some of these materials may be. Simply put, it can be rather hard for anyone to trust in them. All details need to be explained in such a video as needed.

Fatigued driving really is that dangerous to anyone. YouTube videos that are about the topic will always prove to people that there is a strong need to work very hard to ensure that this problem will not occur.